Defining File and Folder Filter

Media Gallery Manager allows to exclude files and folders by name from the synchronize remote operation. All files and folders that match any of the defined filters are ignored and will not be uploaded during synchronization.

To exclude files or folders define one or several filters. This is done in the exclude files and folders dialog which is opened via the menu View->File/Folder Filter or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Command + J.

How do file/folder filters work?

When defining exclusion filters consider the following rules:
  • One or several exclusion filters can be defined.
  • A file or folder is excluded when it matches ANY of the defined filters.
  • A filter is applied to the absolute path of a file or folder on the local harddrive.
  • If a folder is excluded, all subfolders of this folder are excluded as well.
  • All image files contained in an excluded folder or one of its subfolders are excluded as well.
  • The characters / and \ are treated as separator of folders in the file path. Use any of those two characters to separate folder names in the path. These separator characters are working independant of the separator character of the operation system on which the application is running.
  • The characters ?, * and ** are wildcard characters.
    ? matches exaclty one arbitrary character except the characters / and \.
    * matches none or any number of arbitrary characters in a file or folder name but does not match the folder separator characters / and \.
    ** matches none or any number of arbitrary characters in a file, folder or path name including the folder separator characters / and \.
  • It is possible to define filters for files or folders that have space characters in its name. Don't surround those filenames with " or '. The characters " or ' are treated to be literally part of the file oder folder name.
  • A filter can be defined to be case sensitive or to ignore case. Check the checkbox labled "Case Sensitive" to define a case sensitive filter or check it off to define a filter that ignores case.

Examples for file/folder filters

Exclude all subfolders named "originals"

Define a filter with this specification


Remark: To exclude a folder the filter must include a trailing / or \.

Exclude all TIFF files

Define two filters for the typical extensions of TIFF files. Both filters should ignore case:


Remark: The filter is applied to the absolute path of the file. Therefore the ** wildcard character is needed to match all TIFF files in any subdirectory.

Exclude a folder with space characters

It is not necessary to surround the foldername with " characters or ' characters. More the filter will not work if the characters " or ' are not part of the foldername.

**\derivative images\

Exclude all files of the folder "shoot" but do not exclude files of its subfolders

Define the filter to exclude all files contained directly in the "shoot" folder:


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