Faster Upload and Download Multiple Images

Concurrent upload and download of multiple images for faster transfers of images

The speed for uploading and downloading image files can be drastically improved by transfering multiple images simultaneously. By transfering multiple image files at the same time the system makes better use of the bandwidth of your internet access.

MGM can upload and download several images concurrently. Uploads and downloads of images are processed through the upload and download queues. When an upload/download is started a new upload/download task is created and added to the appropriate queue. Image files are actually uploaded and downloaded by processing the upload and download queues.

Every a newly created upload/download task is added to the end of the queue. The queues are processed in the order the tasks have been added. That means that the task that has been added first to the queue is processed prior to tasks that have been added later.

If a queue is empty the upload/download of the image file is started immediately. If other upload/download tasks are queued before the new upload/download task these uploads/downloads need to be finished before the new upload/download task is started.
If only one transfer is processed at a time the upload/download order is the same as the order the upload/download tasks have been added to the queue.

Note: When multiple images are uploaded/downloaded concurrently it is not possible to maintain the order of the uploads/downloads, due to image files usually have different file sizes and the transfer time is related to the file size and the actual transfer speed.

How many files are processed in parallel depends on the preferences for transfering images.

The preferences for concurrent uploads and downloads are found on the Transfer tab of the preferences dialog (menu: View --> Preferences).

If the upload/download order is important for you make sure to set the preferences for concurrent uploads/downloads to 1.
If you prefer faster upload/download speed and the upload/download order is not important increase the number of multiple uploads/downloads.

The best value for concurrent uploads/downloads depends on the bandwidth of you internet access and should be found out by trying different settings.

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