If You Like Media Gallery Manager

I am developing Media Gallery Manager in my spare time and offer it on this website to be used by everyone. I like the idea of free software and therefore the usage of Media Gallery Manager is free.

If you like Media Gallery Manager and enjoy the comfort it provides in organizing your online galleries please consider rewarding the time I am spending on creating Media Gallery Manager.

Making Media Gallery Manager available to be used by everyone requires more things to do than just coding the application. This includes testing the application on the different operation systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as writing some help pages and recording video tutorials that help people getting started on using the application. I have spent a lot of time in setting up these web pages. Keeping them alive costs time and money as well.

If Media Gallery Manager made organizing your online galleries fun and helps you save time on uploading or downloading images please donate to the project. Any amount of donation is appreciated and helps me to spend more time on new features and continue offering the application to the public on this website.

In reward to your donation you get primier support on Media Gallery Manager and your voice counts for 10 on new feature requests.

for EUR donation
for USD donation

I appreciate any feedback on Media Gallery Manager. I love to here how much you like MGM - of course I do. But I'm also very much interested in things you do not like about MGM or why you don't want to use it. Send me your questions and comments via the contact page over here.

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