Maintain a Recent Collection

At this time Zenfolio does not offer an automatized way to maintain a collection of recently added photos. Media Gallery Manager offers a feature to add uploaded images to a predefined collection. If this feature is enabled every image that is uploaded to Zenfolio is automatically added to the defined collection.

In Media Gallery Manager images can be uploaded by the upload operation or the synchronize remote operation. Whether images shall be added to a collection can be enabled separately for each of both operations. Further it is possible to define two different collections for the upload operation and the synchronize operation. If uploaded images shall be added to the same collection regardless of the operation being used for uploading configure the same collection for both operations.

How to enable the Add New Photos To Collection feature

This feature can be enabled within the application settings.
  1. Open the Settings dialog by selecting menu View -> Settings.
  2. In the settings dialog select the Transfer-tab.
  3. Check the checkbox next to 'Add new photos to collection' for one or both of the upload and synchronize operation.
  4. Select a collection to which new uploaded images shall be added to by pressing the Select button.
  5. In the selection dialog navigate through the tree and select a collection (blue icon). Hit the Select button.
  6. Back in the Settings dialog click the Save button.

Note: You need to be logged in to your Zenfolio account in order to be able to select a collection. However once a collection has been configured the feature can be enabled or disbled any time.

Add New Photos To Collection feature for the synchronize remote operation

The Add New Photos To Collection feature can be enabled or disabled for each synchronize operation right before starting the synchronize operation via the Start Synchronize Remote dialog.

The synchronize remote dialog is initialized with the default settings defined in the application settings. All changes done to the configuration parameters of the synchronize operation will be used for the synchronize operation which is currently started. If the changes should be used for all upcoming synchronizations save the current settings as defaults.

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