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By Harald on Mon, June 13, 2011 18:43 CEST
I just released Media Gallery Manager version 1.5.2. This version fixes some minor bugs.

Fixed Issues

  • For image files of sizes smaller than 1kb the size is not displayed correctly in the upload queue. This is fixed now.
  • If a collection is selected and the edit button is pressed the problem report dialog is no longer displayed but an info dialog that editing collections is not supported yet.
If you do not get the update automatically with the next launch of Media Gallery Manager download the latest version from the download page.
By Harald on Wed, June 08, 2011 01:19 CEST
I am proud to announce the release of Media Gallery Manager version 1.5.1.
MGM 1.5 is an all new version focusing on speed and reliability and with great new features.

The highlights are:
  • Improved speed and reliability
  • Fast login independant of the number of galleries and photos
  • Create/edit/delete groups and galleries
  • Export image lists of galleries and collections
  • Integrate with individual imaging tools and DAM-solutions
  • Great usability with lots of tweaks on the user interface
Check out the complete list of new features and changes.

To download the updated version launch MGM from the download page. After the first launch MGM can be started by double click on the desktop icon or from the start menu as usual.

Hope you love using this new version as much as I enjoyed developing it.
Your feedback is always much appreciated. Drop me an email.
By Harald on Sat, Apr. 16, 2011 13:26 CEST
This news post is for MGM 1.5 Beta users!

I just published an updated beta version of MGM 1.5 (build 545). It fixes some bugs and comes with some useful tweaks of the user interface.

On the next start of MGM 1.5 you should get a dialog informing you about the available update. Click yes to download the updated version. If you do not get this update dialog, download the latest version by following this link

Tweaks of the User Interface (UI)

  • The Protocol panel displays status messages in different colors depending on their importance. This drastically increases the readability of the protocol lines. In detail status messages are displayed in black, informal messages are displayed in green, summary reports messages are displayed in blue, warnings will show up in orange and errors in red.
  • The protocol pane now automatically scrolls to the end when new messages are posted. This way one can follow the latest messages without manual scrolling.

Solved issues

  1. Some status messages are not written to the protocol panel. Due to a bug in the packaging script some status messages did not show up in the protocol panel. This is fixed now.
  2. The option 'View'->'Upload Queue'->'Remove finished Uploads' and 'View'->Download Queue'->'Remove finished Downloads" did not work properly. After some uploads/downloads are finished the option to remove the finished uploads/downloads removed only 1 task per click. This bug is fixed now.
  3. Errors on communication with Zenfolio are now shown to the user as usual.
For an uptodate list of known and fixed issues visit this page.
Have Lots of fun with the new MGM 1.5 and don't hesitate to report issues.

By Harald579 points  on Tue, Apr. 12, 2011 18:21 CEST

IMPORTANT: The beta tests for MGM 1.5 are closed!

To switch from beta version to the official releases download MGM from this page.

I am really really exited about the brand new version 1.5 of the Media Gallery Manager. I started working on this version back in summer 2010 and knew it will be a bigger change. Some times I thought I should revise the version number from 1.5 to version 2. Anyway 9 month later and here it is and it's MGM Version 1.5.

This version is a totally new Media Gallery Manager. Everything works faster and even more reliable. This improvement of speed is extremely valuable for those of us who have some thousands of galleries (yes thousands of galleries not photos) and some ten thousands or hundred thousands of photos on their account. In previous versions it was extremly slow to connect to such accounts. But MGM 1.5 to the rescue. MGM 1.5 connects to any account very very quickly and it is independant of the amount of galleries and photos hosted on the account.

Next MGM 1.5 comes with the most wanted feature: Create, modify and delete groups, galleries, photos on Zenfolio within MGM as well as create, rename, delete folders and images.

Further MGM 1.5. offers a great new feature to integrate MGM as a bulk uploader with your existing image management solution. During synchronization of the Zenfolio account with a local folder structure MGM reads meta information for groups and galleries out of special files within the folder structure and uses the meta information to populate the fields of newly created groups and galleries. So it is possible to manage title, caption, categories, keywords, custom reference and gallery passwords within your existing image database, export them to MGM and MGM writes the information into Zenfolio groups and galleries.

More details about all improvements and new features can be found on the page about all new features in Media Gallery Manager 1.5.

Now why the title of this blog post?

This version includes really a lot of changes in code of Media Gallery Manger and I have tested most of the functionality but I feel that some more testing is needed before it is released to the public and I will continue testing to be able to release it very soon.

However I offer beta-testers to use MGM 1.5 starting with today. Therefore I expect, that beta-tester give me some feedback about how it is doing and send information about bugs.

Especially I'm looking for beta-tester that will use MGM 1.5 on one or several of the operation systems: Mac OS X 10.6+, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

If you are interested in beta-testing MGM 1.5 please send me an email via the contact page.

More Information for Beta-testers is provided on this page.

By Harald on Thu, Mar. 17, 2011 12:42 CET
I just released version 1.3.3 of Media Gallery Manager.

This version improves uploading of image files for unstable internet connections. MGM now automatically retries uploading of image files if the first try is failing due to some sporadic internet connection problems.

This release also fixes a bug with some names of local folders. In previous version MGM had problems with names of local folders that end with same characters as the extension of one of the supported image types. Now folders with names like 'JPEG & TIFF' are handled correctly.

By Harald on Fri, Feb. 18, 2011 21:33 CET
In the Feb 17, 2011 release there is a bug on the Zenfolio API with the result that all images are uploaded every time the synchronize operation is started even if the images are already existing in the gallery.

Don't use the Synchronize Remote operation until this issue is fixed!

You might get galleries with the same images uploaded several times.

I'm in contact with support to get this error fixed and post here once everything is back to normal.
By Harald on Sun, Nov. 14, 2010 05:09 CET
Just some hours after the release supporting the export of image lists this release improves this feature with support of different file formats.

MGM supports now 3 different file formats for the exported image lists: Plain CSV, CSV compatible with Adobe Lightroom and a .tag file (txt-file) tested to be working with the load tag feature of BreezeBrowser Pro.

Before exporting an image list make sure you have set your preferred file format on the General-tab within the application preferences (menu item View->Settings).

If you want to have better compatibility with your favorite image management application drop me an email and I will check if it is feasible to support this application.
By Harald on Sat, Nov. 13, 2010 13:23 CET
I just released the version 1.3.0 of Media Gallery Manager. With this new version MGM offers an option to export a list of images of a Gallery or Collection to a file on the harddisk.

The file is formated as Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and can be used to import the image list in other applications, e.g. your favorite photo application.

Connect to a Zenfolio account, select a gallery or collection in the tree view on the right side and select the menu item Zenfolio -> Export Image List. When asked choose a directory and filename where the list shall be saved to and click ok.

Have fun.

By Harald on Tue, Aug. 31, 2010 20:51 CEST
Over the weekend till today there was a communication problem between Media Gallery Manager and the Zenfolio servers. This issue is now fixed.

Everything is back to normal or even faster then ever before. cool

If you tried using Media Gallery Manager on weekend just give it one more try!

By Harald on Sat, June 26, 2010 23:03 CEST
I just release version 1.2.0 of Media Gallery Manager, the standalone Zenfolio upload/download application for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux.

As a long time Windows user I develope MGM on Windows. Until now the look and feel of the graphical user interface (GUI) was optimized for Windows only. With this release Media Galler Manager behaves more like a native Mac OS X application and integrates well with the OS.

This release also fixes a bug which caused download tasks seem to be hanging and some image thumbnails were not displayed. This bug occured when images were smaller than the size of the thumbnails displayed by MGM. Also the memory consumption of MGM was increasing infinitely when such images were loaded. This bug fix is relevant for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Detailed information about this release can be found in the version history.

If you start MGM the next time, either from one of the links on this homepage or by double clicking the application icon on your desktop a dialog box informs you about that a new version is available on the server. Press OK to download and update to the new version.
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