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By Harald on Wed, Apr. 14, 2010 14:18 CEST
Triggered by the feedback of a user of the Media Gallery Manager I have written down the first pages of a User Guide for MGM. These help pages provide detailed information about the most interesting and most specific features of MGM.

Although there is much more things to add to the user guide I thought it might be helpful to write the guide as a list of articles and publish new articles as soon they are finished.

The currently available articles can be found on the Help Center page.

The topics are:
  • Basics of the Synchronize Operation
  • Uploading and Downloading of selected Images
  • Faster Upload and Download Multiple Images

Maybe the pages that are available so far help one or the other user to quickly get started in using MGM.
By Harald on Thu, Feb. 11, 2010 19:56 CET
Today I released version 1.1-Beta3 of Media Gallery Manager. In this version I corrected a bug that prevented MGM to start on Mac OS X.

Now MGM runs on Mac OS X 10.6, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
By Harald on Wed, Jan. 13, 2010 15:35 CET
I just released the Version 1.1-Beta2 of the Media Gallery Manager.

This release brings the long awaited Download Synchronization. With download sync it is easy to batch download all images of a selected group and its contained subgroups in one step. Just press on button (Synchronize Local) and Media Gallery Manager downloads all images to the local harddrive that are not already existing. The structure of groups and galleries on the Zenfolio account is mapped to the same structure of folders on the local harddrive.

More features of this release are the possibility to cancel long running remote operations like synchronization and retrieving of thumbnails.

A refresh button and menu for local tree view and tree view of the online galleries allows to update the tree view with the current folder structure.

The GUI is re-structured to be more future-proven for more features to come in one of the next versions.

The update is downloaded by the webstart function. To download the newest version start the application via the webstart link on this homepage.
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