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Uploading many files in batches.

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I have one folder of 453 images, and yesterday I uploaded some 2 dozen into galleries on Zenfolio, assigning each one a gallery as appropriate as I uploaded.
I've gone to do some more and can't remember what I uploaded. Is there a list somewhere of which ones have been uploaded and which haven't?

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Media Gallery Manager is logging each upload or download it performs. Click menu 'View->Open Protocol in External Viewer' to open the log-file with the default text editor on your system.

You will see lines like:
STATUS: Uploaded image file: E:\photos\shoot1\image1.jpg
for successful uploads
WARNING: Cancelled uploading image file: E:\photos\shoot1\image2.jpg
when an upload has been cancelled by the user.
ERROR: Error uploading image file: E:\photos\shoot1\image3.jpg
if MGM could not finish upload of an image successfully.

What you do not see in the log file are images that have not been started for upload yet.

The idea of MGM's synchronize operation is that MGM automatically checks which files have been uploaded already and uploads only those images that have not been uploaded yet. This way it should not be necessary to manually find out which images are still to be uploaded, but let MGM do it.

To make most out of the synchronize operation the images should be organized in a folder structure on you local hard disk as they should appear organized in groups and galleries on Zenfolio. Then select source folder and target group and start synchronize remote. MGM will upload only those images which are not already existing on Zenfolio.

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