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MGM duplicating Zenfolio groups

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I have recently started to use MGM and I uploaded a series of scanned photos to Zenfolio without any issues.

I then decided to allow MGM to manage my "My Pictures" folder by synchronising that folder on my PC under the All Photos group at Zenfolio.

My ISP imposes usage allowances but overnight uploads do not count toward that so I set MGM off uploading "My Pictures" overnight and then in the morning I cancelled the remaining uploads so as not to eat into my usage limit.

The following evening I did the same again expecting MGM to pick up where it left off as I assumed it would not re-upload any photos that were already uploaded to Zenfolio.

Much to my surprise not only did MGM start to re-upload the same photos as the night before but it also created duplicate Zenfolio groups to put them in.

Is this the expected behaviour?

If a group already existed at Zenfolio I would have expected MGM to use it and if a photo with the same file name existed in that group I would expect it to treat it as a duplicate and not upload it again but it is certainly not working like that.

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With MGM it is possible to do exactly what you are describing.
What might be confusing for first time users is that MGM is comparing the relative folder path starting from the selected source folder and target group. It is important to select the appropriate source folder and target group before starting the sync operation.

Lets assume we have a folder structure

My Pictures/client proofs/wedding1/ceremony/image1.jpg

When we select 'client proofs' as the source folder and 'client proofs' as the target group, MGM will upload the image to

All Photographs/client proofs/wedding1/ceremony/image1.jpg

When we select 'client proofs' as the source folder and 'All Photographs' as the target group, it will upload the image (once again) to

All Photographs/wedding1/ceremony/image1.jpg

as MGM is comparing the subfolders of 'client proofs' with the subgroups of 'All Photographs' and 'wedding1' is not already existing as direct subgroup of 'All Photographs'.

Hope that helps

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