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Long Upload stops working after logon expires

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I'm uploading a large number of images over an extended period of time. After a number of hours of sucessfully uploading images, I get an "X" next to the file names and MGM keeps trying to do uploads.

For example, I started an upload on 7/8/12 at 5:45 am and the Protocol log shows the last file uploaded was at midnight between 7/9/12 and 7/10/12.

I think the upload logic may need to be changed so that when Zenfolio automatically logs MGM out, the upload process should stop with a message. Or even better, it would be nice if MGM could re-logon automatically and continue uploading, if possible.

Thanks for a great product!

The attached file has "..." for places where I deleted text to get the file under the 976Kb limit.

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I agree with you that the upload should not stop after the login expires.
I have to clarify with Zenfolio, why the login expires while uploads still uploads are going on.

The original document is available at