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MGM not using proxy settings

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I have just started using Zenfolio and MGM seems to be a really great utility to upload images to ZF. biggrin

However, it only works from my home where my Internet connection is quite slow for uploading (600 kbps), but I do not have any proxies in between.

Unfortunately MGM does not connect from my office, where we have a really high speed connection, and I could upload images at 100x speed compared to home.
But at the office we have a http proxy in use, and all applications must go through the proxy to reach public Internet.

So all I get at the office is:
Connection to refused

It seems that MGM ignores the system proxy settings.
From the Java Console I can see that MGM ignores the proxy settings:

network: Connecting socket:// with proxy=DIRECT

whereas I can see even from the MGM System Information window that all the deployment.proxy.* settings are as they should be. MGM just doesn't use them.
In my company we use many Java applications that work just fine and are able to get the proxy settings.

So, is there any chance of getting proxy support to MGM?

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I am looking for the same. Need this to work through a proxy server.

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