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Downloads taking forever

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I have about 30,000 photos to upload to zenfolio. They are all organized in a series of folders and sub-folders. I've been using the Media Gallery Manager for awhile now but the upload seems way to slow. I've ran a speed test and my upload speed is 500kbs. I know that's not fast but each photo is only 200kb in size. Based on this I should be able to upload 2 photos a second. Which would mean a total of 15000 seconds for the entire batch to be uploaded or approx 4 hrs 15 mins. My estimated download time is 72 h & 52 min. It seems that the program is not sending the image through fast enough. I see the upload bar for each file progressing very quickly but once it is full it sits there for maybe a minute before a check mark fills the space and allows for another upload to start. Can you provide any help.


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Just to make sure it wasn't my connection that was the problem I used my cell phone as my internet connection which has a much higher upload speed. The same problem exists. As soon as the first two files get uploaded the memory usage by java goes way up and all the download bars fill up and site there for minutes before a check mark is allocated. Also during this time the total file update stops and suspends. I never had this issue before. This may be a problem with the recent Java update that was done automatically on my computer.

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