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Duplicates of directories with videos

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When MGM finds a local directory with photos and videos, it creates a subfolder on ZF called "Photos" (configurable) and puts the pictures there.

The next time I sync the same hierarchy, MGM doesn't see that Photos directory (on ZF) as a "match" and re-uploads the whole batch of pictures, to a new Group and Gallery with the same names. After a few syncs, I have uploaded the same pictures over and over, wasting tons of bandwidth and storage space. The only workaround seems to be to either recreate the folder structure on ZF to match the local directory, or to create a local "Photos" directory (again, so it matches).

The best solution would be to start uploading videos as well, as the ZF API now supports this. The next best solution would be if MGM were to check for a Default Title for Subfolders directory when it does its directory comparison.


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