Features of Media Gallery Manager

Media Gallery Manager is created by a Zenfolio member? and focuses on usability for uploading several hundreds of images without attention of the user.

Feature highlights:

Bulk Upload and Download of Images

  • Synchronize your online galleries with the images in a local image respository.
  • Upload all images of a selected folder and its nested subfolders in one step by maintaining the folder structure.
  • Download images of a selected group or gallery in one step. The structure of nested groups and galleries is mapped to a folder structure on the local harddrive.
  • NEW: Exclude files and folders from synchronization by defining a list of exclusion filters.
  • NEW: Preview files to be uploaded/downloaded as a result of the synchronization operation before actually starting uploading/downloading of images.
  • Set up default sort order for new galleries and groups.
  • Detailed report of uploaded and downloaded images.

Manage Galleries and Images

  • Browse through your online galleries and your local repository.
  • Select images in tree- and thumbnail view.
  • Upload and download single or multiple selected images to/from a gallery.
  • NEW: Create/modify/delete new groups, galleries and collections.
  • NEW: Add selected photos to a collection or remove photos from a collection.
  • NEW: Automatically add new uploaded photos to a predefined collection to automatically maintain a collection of recent photos.
  • Export image lists of galleries and collections to CSV-file.
  • Export list of galleries and collections contained in a group to CSV-file.
  • NEW: Integrate with image management tools or DAM-solutions.

User experience

  • Faster upload and download speed by transfering multiple images simultaneously.
  • FTP-client like user experience.
  • NEW: Support for 2nd monitor. Display progress and status information in secondary window.
  • Desktop application that works on all platforms that support Java 6.
  • Tested on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.6 and newer, Ubuntu Linux 10
  • Start the application via Java Webstart. No installation required!

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