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Excellent user experience

Media Gallery Manager provides a user expierience that is similar to FTP-clients and additionally has more features that meet the specific needs for organizing online galleries. It provides the handling of groups and galleries, sets the last modified date of photos in the online gallery according the last modified time of the image files and provides the possibility to specify a default sort order that is applied to newly created groups and galleries.

Faster upload and download

Media Gallery Manager can upload and download your images faster by transfering multiple images simultaneously. The internet connection is continuesly used at its maximum upload or download speed. It is even possible to upload some images and download some other images all at the same time.

Easy to manage uploads of several hundreds of images

The synchronization functionality of Media Gallery Manager is ease to use. Images that have once been uploaded are not uploaded again. And its completely safe to use. Media Gallery Manager never deletes any single image during synchronization. For whatever reason the upload of one or several images fail the synchronization can be started again safely. No need to manually walk through hundreds of images to find out which ones have to be uploaded again.

Batch download structures of groups and galleries

With Media Gallery Manager it is easy to download all images of a gallery or even complete structures of groups and galleries in one step. The download synchronization function is similar to the one for uploading. It compares the structure of groups and galleries with the folder structure on the local harddrive starting from the selected group or gallery. Images which are already existing on the harddrive are not downloaded again.

Export Image Lists from Galleries/Collections

Need to get a list of image filenames that can be imported into your image management applications, like Adobe Lightroom or BreezeBrowser Pro? In Media Gallery Manager right click on a gallery or collection and select "Export" from the context menu. A list of image filenames is exported in a compatible format for your preferred image management application.

Integrate the management of online galleries with your favorite Digital Asset Management (DAM) application. All noteworthy DAM tools offer scripting capabilities to export metadata to files. Media Gallery Manager reads those metadata files to populate newly created groups and galleries with metadata such as title, caption, categories and keywords.
Using Media Gallery Manager is secure in all important aspects:
  • The application is signed with a code signing certificate issued by the widely trusted certificate authority (CA) StartCom Ltd.
  • On login the password is sent encrypted to the Zenfolio servers. Media Gallery Manager never stores the password locally on your computer.
  • Media Gallery Manager always sends/receives critical information such as your profile data encrypted via TLS/SSL.
  • The synchronize operations never delete a photo from your Zenfolio account nor do they delete any photo from your local harddrive.

One Application for Windows, Mac and Linux

Media Gallery Manager runs on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac OS X and Linux. It is the ideal solution for photographers using multiple platforms.

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