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By Harald

What about support for Vidoes?

When I was thinking about a name for Media Gallery Manager I choose that name for the one reason that one time it can be enhanced to support uploading and managing of videos in online galleries beside managing your photos.

Now the latest upgrade of Zenfolio added video support to their service. That is really cool for those of us who shoot videos as well and want to show them to the world.

Should Media Gallery Manager support uploading of videos as well?

I started working on Media Gallery Manager back in summer 2009 just a few month after I became a member of Zenfolio myself and did not find any uploader that is the perfect one for my workflow. Later in December 2009 I found that this application could be useful for others too and started to offer it for being used by the public.

I for myself do not shoot videos that are great enough to be uploaded to my site. Occassionally I do create slideshows which I then export as video clips. So, I can upload this very limited number of video clips using the browser uploader provided by Zenfolio.

Would you love to see Media Gallery Manager get video support added?

The software is well prepared to add support for videos. I just need to find the time to implement it.
And... Currently the Zenfolio API does not support uploading of videos nor management of existing videos. Even if I would want to start working on video support in Media Gallery Manager it can not be done due to the Zenfolio API does not support it.

Note that video support could be added to other 3rd party applications and plugins as well by their respective authors. But only if Zenfolio enhances the API to support videos. I created a feature request for this on Zenfolio feature request forum. Vote for this feature request (external link) to enable 3rd party developers to add video support to their applications and plugins.

If support for videos in Media Gallery Manager would save you a lot of time drop me a note or post on the forums.

Have fun...

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