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By Harald579 points  on Fri, Nov. 09, 2012 06:27 CET
English Electric Archive provided a Zenfolio theme to share it with the community. It's the theme that is used on it's Zenfolio based web site English Electric Archive (external link).

The theme can be downloaded and used as a basis for own customizations at Zenfolio Themes.

By Harald on Thu, June 28, 2012 16:00 CEST
Let me announce the immediate availability of Media Gallery Manager version 1.7.4.
This update is a very important one. Zenfolio has slightly changed its API regarding secure network connection. The new version includes the adaptations that became necessary due to the changed API.

Please update to version 1.7.4 of Media Gallery Manager immediately.
Beginning July 1st, 2012, versions prior 1.7.4 will no longer be able to connect to Zenfolio.

The next time MGM is started you should get a dialog informing you about the available update. Accept the update immediately.

If you do not get prompted about the available update close Media Gallery Manager and start it once by clicking on the link on the download page. Once the new version has been downloaded to your computer you can start Media Gallery Manager from your desktop or the start menu of your OS as usual.

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Have fun

By Harald579 points  on Tue, May 22, 2012 22:29 CEST
Softpedia, the encyclopedia of software downloads, granted Media Gallery Manager the "100% CLEAN" award.

Media Gallery Manager is now listed in the library of over 400.000 software programs at Softpedia.

The editor at Softpedia finds:
"Media Gallery Manager has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several
industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of
adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your
product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future."

More information about the certification and the award is
available on this page at Softpedia (external link).

By Harald on Fri, Oct. 07, 2011 19:09 CEST
When I was thinking about a name for Media Gallery Manager I choose that name for the one reason that one time it can be enhanced to support uploading and managing of videos in online galleries beside managing your photos.

Now the latest upgrade of Zenfolio added video support to their service. That is really cool for those of us who shoot videos as well and want to show them to the world.

Should Media Gallery Manager support uploading of videos as well?

I started working on Media Gallery Manager back in summer 2009 just a few month after I became a member of Zenfolio myself and did not find any uploader that is the perfect one for my workflow. Later in December 2009 I found that this application could be useful for others too and started to offer it for being used by the public.

I for myself do not shoot videos that are great enough to be uploaded to my site. Occassionally I do create slideshows which I then export as video clips. So, I can upload this very limited number of video clips using the browser uploader provided by Zenfolio.

Would you love to see Media Gallery Manager get video support added?

The software is well prepared to add support for videos. I just need to find the time to implement it.
And... Currently the Zenfolio API does not support uploading of videos nor management of existing videos. Even if I would want to start working on video support in Media Gallery Manager it can not be done due to the Zenfolio API does not support it.

Note that video support could be added to other 3rd party applications and plugins as well by their respective authors. But only if Zenfolio enhances the API to support videos. I created a feature request for this on Zenfolio feature request forum. Vote for this feature request (external link) to enable 3rd party developers to add video support to their applications and plugins.

If support for videos in Media Gallery Manager would save you a lot of time drop me a note or post on the forums.

Have fun...
By Harald on Fri, Aug. 26, 2011 09:56 CEST
I just published version 1.7.3 of Media Gallery Manager. This is a bug fix release.

Some users running MGM on Mac OS reported that suddenly they could not connect to their Zenfolio account anymore. The reason is that the validation of the certificate from Zenfolio servers fails. Because of this MGM could not establish a secure connection to Zenfolio servers.

As a workaround MGM no longer relies on the validation of the certificate done by the implementation for the underlying operation system but does the validation itself.

Users on Mac OS should download the upgrade to avoid problems when connecting to a Zenfolio account. This version works on Windows and Linux as well but does not provide any enhancements.

When launching MGM the next time you should be prompted about the availability of the new version. Click OK to download the latest version.
If you do not get the update automatically download the latest version from the download page.

Have fun!

By Harald on Wed, Aug. 17, 2011 18:57 CEST
This update to version 1.7.2 fixes a bug where the synchronize remote operation does not start.

The synchronize remote operation does not start after all file exclusion filters have been removed from the list of exclusion filters. This has been fixed and the synchronize remote operation should start when the exclusion filter list is empty.

The update should be offered with the next launch of Media Gallery Manager. If you do not get the update automatically download the latest version from the download page.

By Harald on Mon, Aug. 08, 2011 12:51 CEST
The release of version 1.7.1 fixes some minor bugs.
For details please have a look at the version history.

By Harald on Sun, July 17, 2011 20:53 CEST
I am proud to release the next version of Media Gallery Manager, MGM 1.7.0, that is packed with lots of new features.
The highlights are:
Full Support for Collections
  • Create/modify/delete collections with editing all properties of collections like title/caption/keywords as well as custom reference and sort order.
  • Add single or multiple selected photos to collections or remove selected photos from a collection.
Start Synchronization in Preview Mode
  • Start synchronization in preview mode
  • MGM does a full synchronization and adds image files to be uploaded or downloaded to the appropriate queue.
  • Review the image files queued for upload/download.
  • Actually start the upload/download by pressing the Resume Upload or Resume Download button.
  • Not happy with the synchronization? Cancel all pending uploads/downloads.
Live Transfer Progress
  • Watch the overall progress for all queued uploads and downloads in realtime.
  • Watch how many files have been uploaded/downloaded out of the number of queued uploads/downloads.
  • Watch how many megabytes out of the total volume have been uploaded/downloaded so far.
  • Watch the elapsed time and the remaining time to finish all queued uploads/downloads.
  • Visually catch the current overall transfer progress from large progress bars.
Support for 2nd Monitor and customization of the application window
  • Display the information panels "Download Queue", "Upload Queue", "Protocol" and "Live Transfer Progress" in a second window.
  • Move the information window onto the 2nd monitor.
  • Configure any combination of the information panels that shall be displayed in the 2nd window. The remaining panels are displayed in the main window.
  • Hide the gallery toolbars and/or the transfer toolbar to gain more real estate on the main window for the tree and thumbnail view.
  • The application remembers all customizations as well as size and position of the main window and 2nd window upon restart of the application.
Little new features that make everyday use easier and more comfortable
  • Pause/Resume pending uploads and downloads. Use this feature to temporarily make the full bandwidth of your internet connection available for other applications.
  • Added menu items to remove all successful uploads/downloads from the queue. This can be handy when a huge amount of finished uploads/downloads are in the queue but some have failed and one wants to quickly get the filenames of the images that have not been uploaded/downloaded.
  • Open the user protocol file in the default text viewer of your operation system. The user protocol file contains log entries as seen in the protocol panel from all past usages of Media Gallery Manager not only the current session.
  • Added context menus to the thumbnail views for local harddrive and Zenfolio galleries as well as the "Download Queue" and the "Upload Queue" panels. To get the context menus move the mouse over the panels and click the right mouse button. (In the thumbnail views at least one image must be selected to get the popup menu.)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for new functionality. See the complete overview of all keyboard shortcuts on this help page in the Help Center.

On the next start of Media Gallery Manager you should be prompted that the new version of the application is available for download. Accept the download to upgrade your installation. If you do not get the upgrade automatically download the latest version from the download page.

During working on Media Gallery Manager I'm drinking lots of lots of coffee! If you find Media Gallery Manager a great way to upload your images to Zenfolio and maintain your online galleries please consider to buy me some coffee. Send me your donation via the Paypal buttons on this page.

As always I appreciate your feedback. How does Media Gallery Manager fit into your workflow? Ideas for new features and improvements are always welcome. Just leave me a note on the contact page.

Have fun uploading your images with Media Gallery Manager.

By Harald on Sun, June 26, 2011 19:37 CEST
I am very happy to announce the immediate availability of version 1.6.0 of Media Gallery Manager.

The new version introduces three features that make the difference to other uploading/downloading solutions for Zenfolio.
  • Exclude Files and Folders from synchronization. Define a list of filters for files and folders that shall be excluded from the synchronize remote operation.
  • Add new uploaded images to a collection. This feature can be used to automatically maintain a collection of recently uploaded images.
  • Export Gallery List. Export a list of galleries and collection contained in a group and its subgroups.

In every major version I try to improve some existing features and tweak the user interface to make Media Gallery Manager not only the most feature reach uploader/downloader but also make it the most user friendly tool.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for creating, modifying and deleting of folders, groups, galleries and images. A list of all keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Help Center.
  • The export image list and export gallery list features are now displaying a progress dialog while the information is collected from Zenfolio servers.

To get started with the new features I have added new pages to the user guide. The help pages can be found in the Help Center.

To use MGM 1.6.0 download the latest version from the download page.

As always I appriciate any comments and suggestions. Send me your feedback via the contact form.

By Harald on Wed, June 15, 2011 13:07 CEST
I just published release 1.5.3 of Media Gallery Manager. This release fixes two bugs.

Fixed Issues

  • Renaming of the top folder on the local harddrive (local image depot) does not work.
  • After renaming local folders the thumbnails of the contained images are not displayed correctly.
This update is presented automatically for download with the next launch of Media Gallery Manager. Press OK to download the newest version. If the update is not presented on the next launch of Media Gallery Manager download it is always possible to download the latest version from the download page.

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