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By Harald

MGM 1.6.0 released: Three features that make the difference

I am very happy to announce the immediate availability of version 1.6.0 of Media Gallery Manager.

The new version introduces three features that make the difference to other uploading/downloading solutions for Zenfolio.
  • Exclude Files and Folders from synchronization. Define a list of filters for files and folders that shall be excluded from the synchronize remote operation.
  • Add new uploaded images to a collection. This feature can be used to automatically maintain a collection of recently uploaded images.
  • Export Gallery List. Export a list of galleries and collection contained in a group and its subgroups.

In every major version I try to improve some existing features and tweak the user interface to make Media Gallery Manager not only the most feature reach uploader/downloader but also make it the most user friendly tool.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for creating, modifying and deleting of folders, groups, galleries and images. A list of all keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Help Center.
  • The export image list and export gallery list features are now displaying a progress dialog while the information is collected from Zenfolio servers.

To get started with the new features I have added new pages to the user guide. The help pages can be found in the Help Center.

To use MGM 1.6.0 download the latest version from the download page.

As always I appriciate any comments and suggestions. Send me your feedback via the contact form.

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