Preview Bulk Upload and Download

The synchronize operation may result in uploading a lot of image files. To review what images will be uploaded prior actually uploading any file the synchronize operation can be started in preview mode. The synchronize operation adds all files to be uploaded to the upload queue. You can review the image files in the upload queue with source folder and destination gallery.
Start Synchronization in Preview Mode
  1. Select a source folder and destination group
  2. Press the Synchronize Remote button to get the synchronize remote dialog
  3. Review all settings
  4. Start synchronization in preview mode by pressing the Preview button.
MGM does a full synchronization and adds image files to be uploaded to the upload queue.
Review the image files queued for upload
  1. Scroll through all images queued in the upload queue
  2. Check for source folder and target gallery to be like intended.
Acutally start uploading image files
  1. Press the Resume Upload button
Not happy with the synchronization?
  1. Cancel all pending uploads/downloads by selecting menu Transfer->Cancel pending Uploads. Alternatively you can right click on the upload queue and select 'Cancel pending Uploads' or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F6/CMD+SHIFT+F6.

For bulk downloads the synchronize local operation can be started in preview mode as well. The same steps listed above are applicable for the synchronize local operation.

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