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Bulletproof your cloud data with McAfee MVISION

McAfee team has also witnessed that people have started to shift their interests towards using cloud security tools such as CASB that lets them deal with increasing cloud footprints. But that is not enoughbecause there is still space for data breach about which we could hear every now and then. It is the need of the hour to collect the data from organizations so that we can know what DLP policies should theagency adopt?

Although the answer to this question is not so complicated because McAfee has taken care of this aspect long ago. It has given us McAfee developed MVISION Cloud Security Advisor (CSA) which lets youimplement cloud security controls on the devices around.

What is included in Cloud Security Advisor? ( Mcafee.com/activate )

When you open it, you are provided with a dashboard that has a number of functions in it. There is a “magic quadrant” in it allowing you to have a quick glance at your organization’s security posture.Most importantly, you can also choose the vertical market option to see how your organizations stack up as compared to other organizations.

Mcafee.com/activate (external link) | office.com/setup (external link) | Mcafee.com/activate (external link)

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